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Welcome to DPS170, every day was exciting and full of learning. From kindergarten to 8th grade, DPS170 felt like a second home to me. 

“DPS170” means Dixon Public School #170. It’s a friendly place where kids go to learn with nice teachers and fun activities. It’s like a big family where we make friends, have fun, and do well in school.

Come join us at DPS170, where every day is a chance to grow, explore, and discover endless possibilities together!

What is DPS170? – A Peek into My School Life!

“DPS170” is Dixon Public School #170, where I go to learn every day. It’s a big building with lots of classrooms where we study different subjects like math, science, and reading. Our teachers are nice and help us understand things better.

Outside, we have a playground where we play games and have fun during breaks. It’s a great place to run around and make friends.

What is DPS170
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At DPS170, we have a saying: “Learning, Growing, Succeeding.” This means we’re always trying our best to learn new things and be successful. DPS170 isn’t just a school; it’s like a big family where everyone helps each other. I’m happy to be a part of it!

What Makes It Special? – Here To Know!

Inside DPS170, it feels nice because everyone is friendly and welcoming. We don’t just learn in our classrooms; we also make friends with our teachers and classmates. At DPS170, we think it’s cool that everyone is different, and we all respect each other.

Our teachers are awesome! They work hard to help us learn and do well in school. Plus, our school has lots of cool stuff like smart boards and a big library with lots of books. We have everything we need to do our best in school.

But what’s special about DPS170 is how we all help each other out. We’re like one big family! Whether it’s working together on projects or doing fun activities, we always support each other. DPS170 isn’t just a school; it’s a place where we feel like we belong, where we can be ourselves and dream big.

What Do We Study? – Learning at DPS170!

At DPS170, we learn lots of different things to help us in the future. In math class, we learn about numbers, shapes, and how to solve problems. Science is really fun; we learn about animals, and plants, and do cool experiments.

Reading is important too. We read interesting stories, learn new words, and practice writing. Social studies teaches us about history, maps, and different cultures around the world. Art and music classes are super fun! We get to draw, paint, and make music to express ourselves.

DPS170 What Do We Study
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PE keeps us healthy by playing sports and doing exercises. DPS170 wants us to be good at lots of things, so we have a mix of classes that help us learn and grow.

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Life at DPS170 – Friends and Fun!

At DPS170, it feels like being part of a big family where we have lots of friends and fun. We start each day with smiles and laughter, catching up with our classmates and sharing stories. During recess, we run around, play games, and make unforgettable memories together.

Making friends at DPS170 is easy because everyone is nice and welcoming. Whether we’re working on projects together, studying, or just hanging out at lunchtime, we always support each other.

Our teachers make learning fun by doing activities and projects together in class. They know that when we’re having fun, we remember things better.

Outside of class, DPS170 has lots of events like field trips, talent shows, and sports competitions. These events bring us closer together and give us memories to treasure.

Overall, life at DPS170 is all about friendship, laughter, and learning together. It’s a place where we grow and make lasting bonds every day.

Meet the People of DPS170 – Teachers and Staff!

Meeting the people at DPS170, like the teachers and staff, is always nice. Our teachers are like superheroes—they teach us new things every day and are always happy to help. They’re patient and kind.

The staff at DPS170, like the office workers and custodians, are great too. They make sure everything is okay and that our school is clean and safe. We can always ask them for help if we need it.

Meet the People of DPS170
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The people at DPS170 are always there for us, whether it’s answering our questions or just being a friends. We’re lucky to have such awesome teachers and staff at our school!

DPS170 Buildings – Where We Learn!

At DPS170, our school buildings are where we learn new things every day. We have classrooms where we have lessons with our teachers. These rooms have desks and whiteboards to help us study.

Besides classrooms, DPS170 has special rooms for art, music, and science experiments. These rooms have fun stuff to help us learn in different ways.

We also have a library where we can borrow books to read and learn more. It’s a quiet place where we can focus and learn by ourselves. Overall, DPS170 buildings are like our second home, where we learn and have fun every day.

What’s Next for DPS170? – Looking Forward!

Looking ahead, DPS170 is getting ready for some big changes! We’re thinking about ways to make our school even better. This might mean adding new classes or clubs and making our school buildings more fun with colorful art or cozy reading areas.

Our teachers are planning fun lessons to make learning even more exciting. We might do more experiments in science class or creative projects in art.

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We’re also excited about upcoming events like talent shows, field trips, and helping our community. There’s a lot of fun stuff coming up at DPS170, and we can’t wait!

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What makes DPS170 different from other schools?

DPS170 stands out for its supportive environment, dedicated faculty, diverse academic programs, and community involvement.

How can parents enroll their children at DPS170?

Parents can enroll their children at DPS170 by contacting the school directly or visiting the official website for enrollment information.

What academic programs are available at DPS170?

DPS170 offers a wide range of academic programs, including core subjects like math and language arts, as well as specialized programs in arts, music, and technology.

How does DPS170 ensure student safety?

DPS170 prioritizes student safety through security measures, counseling services, promoting a positive school culture, and fostering open communication between students, staff, and parents.


“DPS170” refers to Dixon Public School #170. It’s a welcoming environment where children come to study with kind teachers and enjoyable activities. It feels like a close-knit community where we form friendships, enjoy ourselves, and excel academically.

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